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Corridor Sim

Engine and Creation

Main Features

  • Interesting and minimalistic puzzle and level design

  • Seamless portals

  • Multiple Endings

  • Controller support

  • Noir mode

What is Corridor Sim?

Corridor Sim is a game demo created as part of a 2nd Year University assignment. Working in a team of 5, we were tasked with creating a small escape room game. Using this brief we created a small-scale psychological horror escape room, you as the player will walk around a corridor in what appears to be your home, but as you get to end of the corridor and step through the door you find yourself back in the same corridor. As this goes on the world around you seems to change, objects that weren't there before start to appear, and it leads to you wondering, where has your wife gone?

This project ended up being apart of Confetti Institue of Creative Technologies 2021 Degree Showcase.

What did I learn?

Whilst working on this project I learnt a variety of different techniques.

Firstly was Unreals Interface System. Interfaces were used for the interactable objects in the world so that they could all subscribe to the same "Interact" event rather than having to re-write code for the different objects, this also tied into the other technique I learnt more about which is Parenting inside of Unreal. 

The interaction objects were all children of a base parent actor which allowed me to easily create more interactable objects if our games design changed and required more, which saved time and made the workflow more efficient.

The project also taught me more about UI design and post processing. The major issue I had with the UI was getting controller support to work for it, but after a lot of research I was able to come up with a system which allowed for controller to work perfectly with all of our UI elements. I decided to add a Noir mode into the game as I thought it fit the theme perfectly, this was extremely simple to do, and it taught me a lot more about manipulating post processing elements inside of Unreal, and by doing this I learnt about saving and sending data across levels so that if you pick Noir mode in the main menu it will carry over when you play the game.

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