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Game Jams

I enjoy Game Jams (though I prefer the slightly longer ones) as it's a good idea to develop your design skills, your teamworking skills and to just have some fun with games development!

I've entered a few game jams in my time, the most notable of those being Ludum Dare 48, and this page is just going to talk about the jams and discuss what I learnt from each jam I entered.

You can find devlogs on some of the jams below on my YouTube channel

Mine The

Made With: Unity and C#

Game Jam: Ludum Dare 48 - Deeper and Deeper

Developed: April 2021 - 72 Hours

Status: Released - 433th out of 3866 - Top 15%!

Team Size: 3 - I was the artist and a designer

Other Assets: Programming (HuntersonStudio) and Audio (TKIMuse)

Play Here:

My first Ludum Dare, where we created a rhythm-based mining game, where your goal is to move to the beat, mine to beat, defeat enemies to the beat and get rich, and also to enjoy puns.


Made With: Unreal Engine 4 and Blueprint

Game Jam: Confetti x NTU Sustainability Jam - Energy

Developed: March 2021 - 36 Hours

Status: Released - 3rd out of 8!

Team Size: 5 - I was the lead programmer and a designer

Other Assets: 3D Art (Elizabeth Baird), Audio (John Wilkinson) and 2D Art (Alex Farmer)

Play Here:

This was a game jam hosted by the University to raise awareness for the climate crisis, something I am passionate about. We created a point and click game where the goal was to make money by using green energy sources, which would then allow you to clean up the polluted water around your island.