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Engine and Creation

Main Features

  • Point and Click

  • Random Weather System

  • In-Game Achievements

  • Dolphin Puns

What is Evergreen Island?

As part of a game jam hosted by my university in an event to raise awareness for the climate crisis, my team and I were given the theme of Energy, and with this theme in mind we decided to create a point and click game where the goal was to clean up the ocean around your island, plant trees and to use renewable energy resources. You unlock in-game achievements throughout, in the form of evergreen trees. The aim of the jam was to create an education experience for people to learn more about climate change in a fun way and that is exactly what our team provided.

What did I learn?

Due to the short tiem frame of the jam we didn't attempt to do anything too adventurous but I did learn more about creating point and click games in Unreal something which I will find extremely useful for future projects or future mechanics.

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