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Mine The BEat

Engine and Creation

Main Features

  • Rhythm Based Gameplay System

  • Procedural Caves

  • Rich Player Customisation

  • Puns?

What is Mine The Beat?

Mine The Beat was my first Ludum Dare I've taken part in, and joining my friends HuntersonStudio and TKIMuse I was our team's artist for the theme, "Deeper and Deeper". After a few hours of ideation we all settled on an idea for a rhythm based mining game where you have to mine, move and defeat enemies all to the beat. The game was a lot of fun to work on and was a great opportunity for me to enhance my art skills, and the game ended up coming in the top 15% of submissions!

What did I learn?

Despite not being a programmer for the project, I did learn a lot of art and even some programming skills from HuntersonStudio.

I learnt about using rule tiles in Unity, which is a great method of creating tile based world very quickly as after you define the rules for the tileset the engine will automatically place the correct tiles for you.

I also learnt more about shaders and RGB textures as for our customisation system I designed RGB variations of the character's sprites and using a shader we were able to easily swap out the design or the colours of the sprite.

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