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Out of your

Engine and Creation

  • Developed With: Unity and C#

  • Game Jam: GMTK Game Jam 2020 - Out of Control

  • Date Developed: June 2020 - 48 Hours

  • Status: Released - 700th out of 5342 - Top 15%!

  • Platform: Windows

  • Play Here:

  • Team Size: Sole Developer

  • Other Assets: Art and Music from Kenney

Main Features

  • Click Based

  • Short and Fun Puzzles

  • Physics-Based

  • Gravity Changing Mechanics

What is Out Of Your Hands?

The GMTK Jam is one of the largest jams on and in 2020 I took part in my first one, I entered the jam on my own, but to save time and to allow me to focus on programming I decided to use an asset pack by Kenney. I made a physics-based 2D click game, where you are overseeing a pink alien and have to try and keep it alive until it returns home, in a short but [hopefully] humorous adventure inspired by games like Mario.

What did I learn?

This was a short game jam and I wanted to focus on elements of games development I already knew, but I decided to try and learn a few new things by learning more about puzzle design in games, using hinge joints in Unity and by trying to improve my knowledge of physics in the engine.

I had never created a game where you don't actually control the "player" character before but it was fun experience and allowed me to experiment with designing different ways for me to create some sort of attachment between the player and the pink alien.

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