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Simulation B

Engine and Creation

Main Features

  • SuperHOT inspired Bullet Time

  • Combat

  • Wall Running

  • Parkour

What is Simulation B?

Simulation B was created as part of an assignment in my first year at University. The idea was to take a mechanic we enjoy and to enhance it further, and to create a short level from that. So I chose "Time only moves when you move" from SuperHOT and I enhanced it by adding verticality to the design, which included adding sliding, jumping and wall running, all which I thought would look very fun and enjoyable especially in slow motion.

It features a combat system with physical bullets so that they can interact, destruction using Unreal's apex destruction, melee combat to add in the much loved Katana from SuperHOT.

This project is special to me as it is the first 3D project I've ever made and is the first Unreal project I've ever created. It was graded as a high 1st, with my tutor at the time saying:

"The custom mechanics and assets supplied with this submission are of a great quality and look as though they could be included with an industry release."

This project ended up being apart of Confetti Institue of Creative Technologies 2020 Degree Showcase.

What did I learn?

Seeing as this was my first Unreal and 3D project I learnt a lot about the engine and its visual scripting language Blueprint.

Some of the more interesting/specific things I learnt:

  • Low poly character modelling and rigging

  • Spline usage in Unreal

  • Using Unreal's Apex Destruction plugin

  • Creating Decals in Unreal

  • The engine and B

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