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Towers of Essence

Engine and Creation

Main Features

  • Voxel Based

  • Boss Wave

  • Tower Limit - To increase strategy element

  • Procedural Skybox

  • Procedural Enemy Generation

What is Towers of Essence?

Towers of Essence was a game I created that started from a tutorial on Udemy. After finishing the tutorial I decided to take the game further and to turn it into a short technical demo to share with people and to grow my skills as a developer. I settled on a theme of "Magic vs Unnatural Order" and I decided to enhance the strategy elements of the game by implementing a tower limit meaning the player can only place X number of towers down, meaning they'd need to think more about where to best place towers and when to remove towers.

What did I learn?

This project taught me a lot about the visual element of games development, as I learnt more about post-processing, skyboxes and using shaders, although the shaders where handled through Unitys shader graph, but I did research using script based shaders, but ultimately settled on using the shader graph.

I also experimented with procedural elements in this game. The skybox for one was procedural, and I designed it by using a tutorial from Jannik Boysen which can be found here:

I designed the waves to have some procedural elements to them, by this I mean I created a system in which I tell the game how many enemies to spawn on a certain wave, each enemy type is given a different percentage to spawn, and the wave spawner would work out how many of each enemy to spawn on a certain wave.

Some of the more specific things I learnt:

  • Procedural object placement (for the trees)

  • Creating and designing a boss fight

  • Currency design and balancing

  • Voxel creation in MagicaVoxel

  • Voxel character rigging and animating (Blender and Unity)

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