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You Have Fallen

Engine and Creation

  • Developed With: Unity and C#

  • Date Developed: January 2020 - 1 week

  • Status: Released

  • Platform: Android (Google Play Store)

  • Play Here:

Main Features

  • Touch Input to move left and right

  • Save Load System

  • In game store to allow for buying new skins

  • Implementation of ads

  • Parallax Scrolling

What is You Have Fallen?

You Have Fallen was my first mobile release which I created using Unity and C#. All of the assets created for the project were created by myself.

For this app, I set myself a challenge to create it in a week and was able to achieve the goal (mainly due to the many late nights)

The idea for the app came from my many travels on trains and public transport, I wanted a short but addictive game that I and others could use to kill time. The idea is to use the touch input to move your character to the left and right and to avoid the obstacles coming your way.

What did I learn?

Whilst working on this project I learnt a lot about working with different resolutions within Unity, as when making a mobile app you need to take into consideration

the different devices that might play the game. So I made sure to design my UI

around the idea of different devices playing my app.


I learnt a lot about mobile development too, from using the Google Play Console

for publishing and monitoring an app, to implementing ads into a game, in a way

that feels not-forced and will benefit the player rather than annoy them.

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